First Choice Excavation


Pool Excavation

New swimming pool excavation is where First Choice Excavating really got its start. In 1997 when Tyler got his start, swimming pool excavation was his main source of work.

Tyler has a long term working relationship with several of the top pool builders in the area. Some of these builders have been with Tyler since the start of his company. The key to our success in new pool excavation is the same approach to everything we do, attention to detail! Our quality equipment, high quality materials, and knowledgeable employees, along with close supervision and 22 years of knowledge, allows us to be the best in the business.

We use the latest technology and continually strive to develop new techniques to improve the quality of every dig. Our mission is simple: start each job off on the right foot, so that the entire project runs smoothly. We keep in mind, the overview of the entire project, not just digging a hole.