First Choice Excavation


Pool Demolition

Swimming pool demolition is one of our specialities! We are the experts at swimming pool excavation, and a deep understanding how a pool is built really helps us know how to demolish them. There are a few types of in ground pool construction.

Gunite pools are the most common the the area, fiberglass pre-formed pools, and vinyl liner pools are also built in our area, however, they are not as common. The approach is different for these demolition jobs, but the process is the same.

First we completely demolish and haul of the pool shell, unwanted decking, pool equipment, and unwanted landscape. At the point where all of the above mentioned debris is hauled off, we will take a few pictures and send them to you so you will have proof of complete removal. These pictures should be kept as proof of "complete removal" they will come in handy if you sell your home or ask the city to remove the value of the pool from your taxes.

After we demolish and haul of all the debris, we will fill the hole with quality soil, compacted in "lifts" of no more than 12". This means that the soil will be compacted in layers no thicker than 12". We start at the deepest point of the pool and work our way up to the final elevation. This process keeps the area from settling. We do offer the option of topping the project area off with 1 load of screened select fill. The final elevations of every demolition project are checked with a laser to ensure proper drainage.


Cave-In Method

The cave-in method is where a small portion of the pool is demolished and all decking, equipment, and debris are left in the pool, and covered with a layer of dirt. This method WILL cause settling. Although, this is the least expensive method of doing away with your existing pool, it will lower the value of your home. We do not perform this method. See the below pictures of a pool that was demolished by the cave-in method. This pool was demolished 3 years ago, we were hired to come in and redo the demolition due to the settling problems, it settled over a foot in 3 years. Here are some before and after pictures.